Highgate Wood form group: Bead-rim jars

Bead-rim jar: a round-bodied jar with a thickened or beaded rim. This is one of the simplest jar forms in the Highgate repertoire, and may be further sub-divided on the details of the bead, the angle of the shoulder and treatment of the upper body:

  • 1-1, 1.2: the commonest and simplest varieties of bead-rim jar with plain walls, differing in the internal thickening of the rim
  • 1.3: smaller jars with low rounded shoulders
  • 1.4: jars with low rounded shoulder marked by a grooves and/or cordons, usually smoothed or burnished above
  • 1.5: jars with high rounded shoulder, often demarcated with a groove and smoothed or burnished zone
  • 1.6: a distinctive variant in fabric HWA
  • 1.7: a rare type with a projecting rim and flat internal profile
Size distribution of rims of Bead-rim jars