Highgate Wood form group: Hooked-rim Bowls

Bowls with hooked or rolled rims are one of the most common Highgate forms, and perhaps one of the most difficult to classify. Relatively few vessels have complete profiles and most examples are represented by rim-sherds only.

The principal division is between:

  • 13.0: those with no obvious groove or moulding on the rim
  • 13.1: those with a single groove, usually along the inner edge
  • 13.2: and the more complex rims with multiple grooves or mouldings

The majority of bowls are assigned to one of these types, with varying degrees of certainty given the abraded nature and poorly preserved surfaces of much of the kiln material.

In addition there are clusters of vessels that share more definitive features that have been classed as types 14.114.5. Some of these are (particularly 14.3–14.5) are concentrated around particular kilns and may represent the work of individual potters.

Finally, there are a number of feet from tripod bowls (14F) which are principally in fabric HWB. Many of these were recovered from the topsoil layers on the site.

Size distribution of rims of Hooked-rim Bowls