Highgate Wood form group: Narrow-necked jars

Narrow-necked jar or flask. The extended concave neck has a simple rounded or thickened lip, perhaps slightly undercut, and there is a cordon at the base of the neck. There are no complete profiles of this type , but it is probable that most have a turned base, as on the jars and beakers, types 4 and 12, to which these are closely related.

There are only few examples which show the details of the body type, but these can be divided as follows:

  • 8.1: a zone of burnished or combed decoration on the shoulder
  • 8.2: a series of grooved or cordon on the shoulder, with a zone of combed or barbotine-dot decoration on the body
  • 8.2: a jar with a pedestal foot, and a zone of barbotine-dot decoration on the body. A rare type, related to 8.2 above.
  • 8R: rims of narrow-necked jars or flasks.
Size distribution of rims of Narrow-necked jars