Highgate Wood form: HW.1.5 Bead-rim jar

  • Form: A distinct rounded bead at the top of a high, rounded shoulder, which can be demarcated with a single light groove, burnished or smoothed on the upper shoulder. These resemble the principal bead-rim jar form of the Alice Holt industry.
  • Southwark: IIA11-13
  • Fabric: Principally HWC, but some HWB examples.
  • Phase: Most examples are from phase 3 groups.
Distribution of form 1.5 through phases
2-2-ii 234 HWB
2-3-S-i 377 HWC
2-3-S-i 381 HWC
2-3-S-i 384 HWC
3-1-i 549 HWC
3-1-i 551 HWB
3-1-i 552 HWC
3-1-i 553 HWC
3-1-i 571 HWC
3-1-iii-b 686 HWC
3-1-iii-b 741 HWC
3-1-iv-a 758 HWC
3-1-iv-a 767 HWB
3-1-iv-d 862 HWC
3-2_4-ii 902 HWC+
3-2_4-ii 906 HWC
3-2_4-iii-a 952 HWC+
3-2_4-iii-c 1253 HWC
3-2_4-iii-d 1314 HWC
3-2_4-v-c 1501 HWC
3-2_4-vii-a 1557 HWC