Highgate Wood form: HW.14.2 Hooked-rim bowl

  • Form: Hooked-rim bowl with a rounded body profile, with a rim that is thicker than the wall of the vessel. It may be sharply folded over and back towards the wall of the pot, leaving a deep undercut, or formed as a rounded projection.
  • Southwark: IVF3
  • Fabric: HWC only.
  • Phase: Phases 2 to 4.
Distribution of form 14.2 through phases
2-2-i 189 HWC
2-2-ii 226 HWC
2-3-S-i 404 HWC
3-1-i 605 HWC
3-1-iii-b 732 HWC
3-1-iv-d 860 HWC
3-1-iv-d 866 HWC
3-1-iv-d 867 HWC
3-1-iv-d 875 HWC
3-1-iv-d 882 HWC
3-2_4-iii-c 1306 HWC