Highgate Wood form: HW.14.5 Hooked-rim bowl

  • Form: with a pair of horizontal grooves at the girth, sometimes with a rather flatter body profile above. The rim may be rather sharply turned over creating a sharp change of angle on the inner edge, and usually smoothed or burnished on the upper surface. Rarely decorated, but occasionally has a single or double wavy line above the horizontal grooves (e.g. 264, 265).
  • Fabric: HWB
  • Phase: Phase 2, particular from the vicinity of Kilns 6 and 7, and the counterpart to type 14.4.
Distribution of form 14.5 through phases
2-2-i 154 HWB
2-2-i 155 HWB
2-2-i 156 HWB
2-2-ii 205 HWB
2-2-ii 221 HWB
2-2-iv 264 HWB
2-2-iv 265 HWB
2-2-v 294 HWB
2-2-v 295 HWB
2-2-v 296 HWB
2-2-v 297 HWB
2-2-v 298 HWB
2-2-v 299 HWB
2-2-v 307 HWB
2-2-v 308 HWB
2-2-v 309 HWB
2-2-v 311 HWB
2-2-v 312 HWB
2-2-v 313 HWB
2-2-vi 332 HWB
2-2-vi 333 HWB
2-3-S-i 395 HWB
2-3-S-i 413 HWB/C