Highgate Wood form: HW.17 Beaded-rim pie dish

  • Form: Straight-sided bowl or dish with rim of rounded or slightly triangular profile, and flat base. A simple burnished lattice decoration is common on the outer surface of this type, and it may have been more common but many surfaces have degraded. There is some conflation or overlap with type 16. This type should be considered with the everted-rim jars, type 6, as part of the Highgate’s black-burnished repertoire. The details of the rim form, however, show influence from the series of folded rim bowls, types 13. The construction of the rounded rims of this type is essentially the same as that of type 13.0 — the bead is formed by folding the wall out and back against the wall of the pot, leaving a slight gap in some cases.
  • Southwark: IVH
  • Fabric: HWC and HWC+.
  • Phase: Phases 3 and 4.
Distribution of form 17 through phases
2-2-iv 266 HWC
2-2-iv 267 HWC
2-2-iv 270 HWC
3-1-i 655 HWC
3-1-iv-d 891 HWC
3-1-iv-d 892 HWC
3-2_4-ii 904 HWC+
3-2_4-ii 912 HWC+
3-2_4-iii-a 1041 HWC+
3-2_4-iii-a 1042 HWC+
3-2_4-iii-c 1281 HWC
3-2_4-iii-c 1282 HWC
3-2_4-iii-c 1308 HWC
3-2_4-iii-d 1374 HWC+
4-i 1618 HWC
4-i 1619 HWC
4-i 1622 HWC
4-i 1623 HWC
4-i 1624 HWC
4-ii-a 1632 HWC
4-ii-c 1647 HWC
4-ii-c 1648 HWC