Highgate Wood form: HW.20.2 Plate with internal moulding and flat base

  • Form: A shallow dish with an internal quarter- or half-round moulding at the junction of the wall and base. The outer wall is rounded, or slightly carinated, and the bases seem to be flat. Some examples have a burnished red slipped surfaces (446, 1215), but others are in fine HWB or standard HWC wares. The internal moulding suggests some inspiration from Gallo-Belgic platters, as in types 26 and 27 the Camulodunum series.
  • Fabric: HWBR, HWB, HWC.
  • Phase: Phases 2 and 3.
Distribution of form 20.2 through phases
2-2-i 169 HWB
2-2-i 173 HWB
2-2-ii 201 HWC
2-2-v 318 HWB
2-2-vi 335 HWB
2-3-S-i 396 HWB/C
2-3-S-ii 446 HWBR
3-1-i 570 HWC
3-2_4-iii-b 1213 HWB
3-2_4-iii-b 1214 HWB
3-2_4-iii-b 1215 HWBR
3-2_4-v-c 1522 HWB