Highgate Wood form: HW.20.3 Plate with concave outer profile and footing

  • Form: More complex dishes with concave outer profile. 429, in a fine red-slipped ware with a footring, and 519, both resemble Cam type 24, ultimately derived from the imported types, Camulodunum 7 and 8. However, 538 seems to owe more to the terra sigillata plate Drag.15/17, as does the sherd with the finely formed square cut cordon, 1685.
  • Fabric: HWBR
  • Phase: Phase 2.
Distribution of form 20.3 through phases
2-3-S-i 429 HWBR
2-3-N-ii 519 HWB/C
2-3-N-ii 538 HWBR