Highgate Wood form: HW.24 Campanulate pedestal (?) cup

  • Form: A campanulate pedestal cup or bowl. The lip is plain, slightly out-turned, with a rounded section. The convex bulges on the body are separated by horizontal finely moulded cordons and grooves. There are no complete profiles in the Highgate assemblage, but the type probably had a raised footring such as 271, which suggests some relationship with the cup-mouthed Gallo-Belgic pedestal cups of Camulodunum type 76.
  • Fabric: HWBR (principally) and HWC.
  • Phase: Phase 2 and 3 (with several examples from southern kiln dump, where they may be residual from earlier activity).
Distribution of form 24 through phases
2-2-ii 214 HWB
2-2-iv 271 HWB
2-2-v 319 HWB
2-3-S-i 427 HWBR
3-1-i 574 HWB
3-2_4-ii 924 HWC
3-2_4-iii-a 1046 HWBR
3-2_4-iii-b 1136 HWC
3-2_4-iii-b 1140 HWC
3-2_4-iii-b 1222 HWBR
3-2_4-iii-b 1224 HWBR
3-2_4-iii-b 1226 HWBR