Highgate Wood form: HW.26 Flanged lid (for clibanus?)

  • Form: A wide shallow lid with a prominent flange. The interpretation of 174 as the lid of a clibanus is discussed on pp.287–293 of the published report – also available here as a pdf (496 Kb). The sherd 317 may be part of the same vessel, though it is from a different context. See also Tyers 2016 for further discussion.
  • Fabric: HWB
  • Phase 2.2 (kilns 6 and 7).
  • Bibliography: Tyers, P. A., ‘Des cloches de cuisson (clibani) dans les provinces septentrionales’, in L. Rivet (ed.), Actes du congrès d’Autun, (Marseille: Société Française d’Étude de la Céramique Antique en Gaule, 2016), pp. 721–30
Distribution of form 26 through phases
2-2-i 174 HWB
2-2-v 317 HWB