Highgate Wood form: HW.3.2 S-shaped jar with cordon

  • Form: Necked jars with cordon and grooves at base of neck, with a projecting lip, thickening towards the outer face, and marked by a single groove. A rare variant, and largely from late phase 3 and 4 contexts.
  • Fabric: HWC
  • Phase: Phases 3 and 4.
Distribution of form 3.2 through phases
2-3-S-ii 452 HWC
3-2_4-iii-a 941 HWC
3-2_4-iii-a 1012 HWC
3-2_4-iii-b 1077 HWC
4-i 1588 HWC
4-i 1589 HWC
4-i 1590 HWC