Highgate Wood form: HW.7.1 Storage jar

  • Form: Storage jars with thick everted rims. Some have simple decoration on the shoulder or upper body, particularly incised wavy lines 391, 529, 1269 or bands of combing 694. One jar 447 has a more complex decorative scheme with two bands of incised wavy lines on the shoulder, aboove a pair of horizonatl grooves, and a further band of wzvy lines on the inner face of the rim.
  • Southwark: IIL
  • Fabric: HWB and HWC
  • Phase: Phases 2 and 3.
Distribution of form 7.1 through phases
2-1-i 76 HWB
2-2-ii 241 HWB
2-3-S-i 391 HWB
2-3-S-ii 447 HWB
2-3-N-ii 509 HWB
2-3-N-ii 529 HWB
3-1-i 647 HWB/C
3-1-iii-b 694 HWC
3-1-iii-b 746 HWC
3-1-iv-a 772 HWC
3-1-iv-a 773 HWB
3-2_4-iii-c 1269 HWB
4-i 1591 HWC