Bead-rim jars

HW.1.1 Bead-rim jar
HW.1.2 Bead-rim jar
HW.1.3 Bead-rim jar
HW.1.4 Bead-rim jar
HW.1.5 Bead-rim jar
HW.1.6 Bead-rim jar
HW.1.7 Bead-rim jar

Necked jars

HW.2.1 Plain S-shaped jar
HW.2.2 Plain S-shaped jar
HW.3.1 S-shaped jar with cordon
HW.3.2 S-shaped jar with cordon
HW.4.1 S-shaped jar with plain band at shoulder
HW.4.2 S-shaped jar with decorated band at shoulder
HW.4.3 S-shaped jar with decorated band at shoulder
HW.4.4 S-shaped jar with decorated band at shoulder
HW.5.1 Jar rims with pie-crust decoration
HW.5R Unassigned jar rims

Everted-rim jars

HW.6.1 Everted-rim jar with lattice decoration
HW.6.2 Everted-rim jar - undecorated
HW.6R Unassigned everted-rim jar rims

Storage jars

HW.7.1 Storage jar
HW.7.2 Storage jar
HW.7.3 Storage jar
HW.7.4 Storage jar
HW.7.5 Storage jar

Narrow-necked jars

HW.8.1 Narrow-necked jar
HW.8.2 Narrow-necked jar
HW.8.3 Pedestal jar
HW.8R Unassigned rims of narrow-necked jars


HW.9 Carinated beaker
HW.11.1 Ovoid beaker - decorated
HW.11.2 Ovoid beaker - undecorated
HW.11.3 Ovoid folded beaker
HW.11R Unassignable rims of ovoid beakers
HW.12.1 Poppy-head beaker
HW.12.2 Poppy-head beaker
HW.12.3 Poppy-head beaker
HW.12.4 Poppy-beaker - undecorated
HW.12.5 Poppy-head beaker
HW.12R Poppy-head beaker

Hooked-rim Bowls

HW.13.0 Hooked-rim bowl
HW.13.1 Hooked-rim bowl
HW.13.2 Hooked-rim bowl
HW.14.1 Hooked-rim bowl
HW.14.2 Hooked-rim bowl
HW.14.3 Hooked-rim bowl
HW.14.4 Hooked-rim bowl
HW.14.5 Hooked-rim bowl
HW.14F Feet from hooked-rim bowls


HW.15 Lid

Other bowls and dishes

HW.16 Beaded-rim bowl or dish
HW.17 Beaded-rim pie dish
HW.18.1 Plain-rim dish
HW.18.2 Plaim-rim dish - decorated
HW.19 Cylindrical bowl

Plates and cups

HW.20.1 Plates with beaded lip and footring
HW.20.2 Plate with internal moulding and flat base
HW.20.3 Plate with concave outer profile and footing
HW.20.4 Plate with thin walls
HW.20B Footrings for plates
HW.21.1 Plain-rim dish with curved wall and red surfaces
HW.21.2 Plain-rim dish with curved wall
HW.22 Campanulate cup cf. Drag.27
HW.24 Campanulate pedestal (?) cup

Minor vessel types

HW.25 Cheese press
HW.26 Flanged lid (for clibanus?)
HW.27 Strainers and strainer bowls
HW.28 Tazze
HW.29 Ring-necked flagon
HW.30 Handled flagon or jug
HW.31 Miniatures

Parts of vessels

HW.32 Base
HW.33 Face-pot
HW.34 Handles (pans?)
HW.35 Spouts (?)
HW.36 Stamped sherds